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3 min readSep 29, 2022


Hi I’m Oluwasanmi, Waves Ambassador!

As a crypto ambassador with the goal of remaining relevant in this field and constantly updating my skills, I pride myself on learning new essential information often. Waves School came as a recommendation by one of my dearest crypto mentors. It also came at a time when I had been in search of a good blockchain course to improve my knowledge. I had high expectations when I signed in for the course and I’m not surprised that those expectations were smashed and crossed. Prior to this, I had attempted to take another similar course on two other sites but the deviations by the creators made it difficult to follow to the end.

The course is very concise, I was able to complete it in two sittings. All the most meaningful cryptocurrency content was assembled into a 7-hour course, very impressive if you ask me. I like that each video part has a test that helps you to retain important information and measure your learning progress and achievement. The test also evaluates the effectiveness of the time spent learning for each of the videos. Passing the tests was quite easy because of how excellent the video creators conveyed the messages. At the end of all the tests, I was able to measure my progress toward my stated improvement goals for the course.

After you pass the program, you get to earn an NFT certificate proving your mastery of cryptocurrency, you also earn $40 worth of tokens from the Waves Ecosystem on completion. Another remarkable point is that Waves School is available in more than 20 languages, you can choose your preferred language before embarking on the course so language barrier is not a problem.

From my understanding of what Waves is, Waves is a layer-1 blockchain with a robust ecosystem of DeFi, Gaming, Metaverse, and NFT applications that was created to serve as the cornerstone of web 3. It’s simple, scalable, eco-friendly, and free. Waves has mostly concentrated on product development and just reached the top 10 rankings by TVL. There is also Waves Labs which was established to help the Ecosystem’s marketing and business development efforts, and it has lofty objectives to accomplish by 2022.

Users can build and release unique crypto tokens using the Waves blockchain. Waves makes it possible to create and exchange cryptocurrency tokens without writing lengthy smart contract codes. Instead, on the Waves blockchain, tokens can be produced and managed by scripts that run in user accounts.

The concept is that the creation of new tokens and the applications that control them shouldn’t diverge significantly from the release of a conventional web application. To achieve this, programs and applications are launched as a part of these transactions, and new assets are assigned a special identification number. Scripts can only be added when the asset is created.

The Waves ecosystem, which has its own integrated decentralized exchange, is where these assets are intended to trade (waves.exchange), which enables trading between tokens issued on the Waves blockchain and other WAVES tokens.

Blockchain certification facilitates working on actual use cases being implemented in many industries and gaining a thorough understanding of the technology. This course is highly recommended, I give it 5 stars and more if permitted to.

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