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Virgo Coin platform has been really consistent over the course of January when it comes to updates and developments. They are consistently granting users rewards through mediums such as Weekly distributions, while implementing other mediums like VirgoSwap, Ambassador Programs and so on. In today’s article, more details will be outlined in order to understand the benefits of these Developments achieved in January. Before that, a little bit of info about Virgo must be stated.

Virgo platform Description

Virgo develops a decentralized App Store in order to fuel the adoption of dApps (Decentralized Apps), which is a distributed network fueled by a well Structured crypto currency. This crypto currency has been placed to be fast, safe & scalable. The platform’s innovative, open source tech does not operate with blocks, but with DAG, this means that transactions won’t be stalled in order to be included by the miners. It’s also placed with an ASIC resistant ProofOfWork algorithm, which will enable amplified speed and safety of the transfers while maintaining decentralization.


VGO token Weekly distribution

On the 3rd of January, the platform announced that they had given their holders 2,300 VGO tokens. For more info:

Eagle Testnet Update

On the 5th of January, the platform’s team announced that The Eagle Testnet is back, it was made to be more secure, scalable and stable. Users should take note, if some Transactions in your wallet are pending forever, click settings, then wipe data. For more info:

VirgoSwap Initiation

On the 27th of January, the network’s team announced the initiation of VirgoSwap. This Swap medium Simplifies VGO token trading, giving people an opportunity to generate passive income while helping the project. For more info:

In order To celebrate the launch of VirgoSwap, the platform also initiated their first community contest. The winner were to receive 1,000 VGO

The regulations were that users should Get the most earnings on the network’s referral system, while Following and retweeting them on Twitter. The winners will also be announced on Monday, February 28th.

For more info:

Virgo Ambassador Program Launch

On the 6th of January, the team announced that their Virgo Ambassador is here.

The Virgo platform believes that a rigid and amazingly supportive community will serve as the backbone of any project that wants to be successful. Cryptocurrency makes this even more needed, as true decentralization cannot be gotten without having a vibrant and supportive community on the network. The Ambassador program has been placed on the network in order to bring in community members who will be able to fully support and spread the word about Virgo.

For more info about the program:

Meme Competition Winners

On the 25th of January, the platform Announced and congratulated the 5 lucky winners of their VGO token Competition. During this competition, the users had to show the network their best VGO token memes. Users had to follow and retweeting the network’s post on Twitter, while tweeting their best meme using the VGO logo and tag VGO. For more info:

The Russian and Nigerian Telegram Group

After the immense success of their English, Chinese, Indonesian and Arab Telegram Groups, the team announced, on the 13th of January, to initiate their very own Russian Telegram Group. For more info:

On the 21st of January, the network’s community is overgrowing. After recently launching their Russian telegram group, it was time to unveil their new telegram group, which is their Nigeria Telegram Group. This was the most anticipated telegram group on the network, and now it’s finally here. For more info:


Great innovations like these have continued to prove that the platform has a lot more in store for the community in the near future. With their highly enhanced token system, the power and growth of the platform will be accelerated for a better experience. The network has done and initiated great services for the community to enjoy and Benefit a lot from. The reward schemes such as their VGO Meme Competition also shows how dedicated they are to incentivizing their users. As the platform sets itself for the month of February, they promise to initiate better systems and updates for the community’s sake.

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