More Info on the Trace Meta Staking Fest

This Staking Fest is an amazing multi chain staking program that rewards users multiple metaverse tokens on staking and locking their TRACE tokens for a limited period.

The team is aiming to stake 1million TRACE tokens in the Meta Staking Fest programs Starting from the 4th of February, the APY is also up to 50%. The duration of this particular program will go on for 90 days, meaning that it’ll end on the 5th of May, 2022. For more info on the program:

EPNS Partnership

On the 2nd of February, the platform was excited to announce their collaboration with the EPNS project. Trace’s team is going to be working with them in order to integrate smart alerts and push notifications for Trace network’s products, which include; Bling, NFT Marketplace, and Buddy. For more info:

AMAs Achieved During the Week

On the 2nd of February at 8pm IST/ 2:30pm UTC, CEO of TraceNetwork (RaoloKesh) went live in an AMA with GlobalCryptoParadise. Also, On the 31st of January at 9pm IST/ 3:30 pm UTC, the platform CEO (RaoloKesh) went live in a conversation with CoinCrunchin on YouTube.

During these Conversations, He discussed about the upcoming project (Buddy), the creation of realistic Avatars for the Metaverse, Trace Network’s vision, the overall roadmap for 2022, and so on. For more info:


Trace Network is an amazing platform which helps to provide and enable enterprises around the digital Sphere with a highly transparent & trustworthy system while maintaining realtime traceability of merchandise and rewarding it’s users with it’s ERC 20 based Trace token . These functions are proof of their prominence and prestige, with time more users will be drawn to their amazing POS based platform.

To learn more visit;




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