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The rate at which Metaverse has been evolving is great, with hundreds of thousands of dollars being invested now in it. The Metaverse is an immersive virtual reality version of the internet, where people can interact with digital objects and representations of themselves and others, and can move freely from one virtual environment to another. It can also involve a blending of virtual and physical realities, both by representing people and objects from the physical world in the virtual and conversely, by bringing the virtual into people’s perceptions of physical spaces.

In a nutshell, the Metaverse is made up of percels of digital real estate called Land. Players or users can build, own and monetize gaming experience, using non-fungible tokens MFTd and $SAND. The digital assets created by users as NFTs can be integrated into games with The Sandbox Game Maker. Users are represented in 3D, in the form of cartoons, but called Avatars.

Trace Network Labs is a complete decentralized protocol for enabling lifestyle for any multichain Metaverse. The vision is to build a technology platform that will enable lifestyle brands to launch multichain and multiverse products for the ‘digital twin’ as known as Avatars of the resident of a Metaverse and also, create the perfect marriage of the fashion world for Metaverse with blockchain via NFTs.

Trace Network Labs Products or Offerings

Trace Network Labs uses the power of web 3.0 technologies to deliver blockchain based and Metaverse related experience to onboard the next billion users to the virtual world.


Buddy is an exclusive and personal digital identity as a realist looking avatar for the users of Metaverse. Trace Network Labs offers residents of the Metaverse to create a Metaverse agnostic avatar that will have the unique ability to move from one Metaverse to the other, and also allow such residents to enter and interact in different Metaverses.


Bling is a limited edition global marketplace for rare and exclusive NFTs of luxury and lifestyle products and accessories. Trace Network Labs helps luxury and lifestyle brands create markets and distribute exclusive NFTs to a global audience. Trace also aims to be the de-facto gateway for lifestyle brands, businesses, projects and consumers to the Metaverse.


MetaBOX enables users to create, customize and co-owner luxurious and immersive real estate in Metaverse. It also offers a wide range of products of most premium luxury brands to upscale users homes, villas and what not, in real estate.

Moreso, Trace Network Labs aims at creating an ecosystem that will allow users to create their own exclusive virtual space, live their lives, and roam freely, as per their real lifestyles, so as to enable the evolution of the luxury lifestyle for the Metaverses as the boundaries between real and virtual continue to blur.

Trace Network Labs also gives confidence to users across the globe to create their digital identity on a chain i.e avatar, which they can carry in ANY Metaverse. Users can accessorize their avatar with wearable NFT from various luxury brand’s limited edition NFTs bought from Trace Network Labs BLING NFT Marketplace.

Basically, Trace Network Labs will make users ready for any event and occasion to experience in Metaverse, be it being presentable for virtual meetings or to attend a concert in Metaverse.

Benefits to incentivaties user’s.

There are various incentivisation programs planned for the loyal community and shall be unlocked with the progressing roadmap.

How secure is Trace Network Labs?

Trace Network Labs have got their contracts being audited. For NFTs minting, the same standard ERC-721 contracts is being used without changing anything. So, once the auction is over, the NFT would move from Market contract to user’s wallet and thus would be safe with them.

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