The Mega Stake Based Program — A great Staking Program Developed on EasyFi Network

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2 min readOct 20, 2021

Welcome folks, in the article for today, we will be going through the economic discussions of the staking medium on the EasyFi Network. This particular network is a DeFi lending system that allows undercollateralized based lending through plasma to optimize the user’s experience. The network is Ethereum and blockchain supported, which permits cross chain fund settlements. The network is also well protected and secured through the Proof of Stake Functionality. More information on their staking programs will Iterated and detailed over the article


One of the functions for the network’s EASY token is staking options. Various projects with the desire to release their lending or borrowing open markets on the platform will have to undergo EASY token staking. There are two stake based programs on the network, details on them will be discussed below:

MEGA STAKE Based Medium

This stake based program is going to really incentivize EZ holders, specifically users who are likely to hold their tokens to gain great profits. A lot of individuals nowadays just hold their tokens, they secure their token when it can really make profit for them, these holdings will make the users gain more.

EasyFi platform is releasing 2 stake based mediums under the mega Stake network for both EZ token and EZ~ IOU users. This particular program was also developed to satisfy user efficiency with great User Interfaces. After the great success of the audits for the network’s smart- contract, the medium is now released with two separate options. On EasyFi App, a particular portion is placed for EZ token staking, the users are provided with two specific systems where people can stake between 90 or 180 full days. Individuals can now stake or unstake during these periods.


EasyFi Network has really proven to be innovative as they have readily placed A great staking where users have 2 separate options to stake from. In order to really earn ROI, staking on EZ and EZ- IOU tokens is a great path to that.

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