Take My Muffin — The first NFT based Animation Show which brings in Amazing Features

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The Cryptocurrency era has fully been brought into the ecosystem to provide easy transactions for various digital projects out there. Due to their Popularity over the last few years, the digital economy introduced tokens called NFTs to various users and content creators. NFTs (Non Fungible tokens) are basically tokens which are only transferred via rights of ownership. The rush for NFTs later on prompted the release of unorthodox innovations which will help revolutionize the NFT world. And one of those amazingly innovative projects is called the Take My Muffin Project. Over the course of the article today, we’ll be focused on the Phenomenal features that “Take My Muffin” has to offer and emphasize the positive influence on the NFT industry.


This is simply the 1st NFT funding platform in the entire digital world. Take My Muffin is here to also serve as an Adult based animation franchise which was created and automated by ToonBox, and was also planned to be aired on their TMM YouTube Channel for free. Its project has been stated to have 3 seasons with 10 episodes for each season. The entire series was also released on the 19th of April, 2022.

This particular series has also been funded through Crowdfunding systems based on Cryptocurrency Technology. Back in 2021, The platform initiated a Collaboration with 1inch platform in order to utilize for token circulation, and of course, Minting.

Take My Muffin now stands as the very 1st DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) based animation series to have been fully financed through the help of the Cryptocurrency community and the sale of NFT tokens.


TMM Collectable Cards

Recently, they started the most incredible collection of TMM ever, which is called the TMM Collectible Cards. All the TMM cards were minted in only 3 copies. The same rule they’ll keep for the whole collection and all the characters. And today users now have a unique chance to get a card with PETE, which is one of the principal antagonists of the TMM team that appears in the 2nd episode and plays a very important role in the entire show.


The TMM token is an ERC20 or Ethereum based token that will be used to carry out various operations and transactions around the network’s Community or system. Artists, animators, screenwriters, actors, riggers, designers, VFXers, producers, composers, sound designers, CGI artists, the whole team continue to work on TMM. The series will be shown (as it was planned before) to all TMM token holders. In fact, the project enters the mode of accumulation of creative capital.


The NFT world and its use cases are just getting better and better as we move further into the brilliance of crypto and digital Technology. Being the 1st NFT based animation series, Take My Muffin is ushering in a new age of NFT based utilization. With time it’s going to be one of the best out there as it releases more episodes and initiates more beneficial Partnerships.

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