StaFi Warriors Program — An Advantageous Ambassador Program Based on StaFi Network.

Today in the article, we’re going to be discussing solely on StaFi’s Warriors program, which has been placed as a medium for various aspiring supporters of StaFi’s entire network, while stating some features behind the program along with some financial support it provides. Before these components are stated, info about the StaFi network itself will be given below.


StaFi network is simply the 1st DeFi-based network that was developed to unlock the Liquidity of different staked assets. Various fund holders can now be able to stake through staking contracts on StaFi & receive derived tokens called r- tokens, these r- tokens include; r- ETH, r- ATOM, r-DOT, and so on. These r- tokens are simply synthetic staking derivatives that will be issued to users through StaFi when they stake PoS coins on the r- token app. Individuals need to know thatthe r- tokens will always be active for exchanges.


StaFi has released the StaFi Global Ambassador Program, namely the “StaFi Warriors Program”, to recruit ambassadors who share the same vision as StaFi and are willing to help the StaFi community grow. The program aims to bring together the best talents in the community to advance StaFi’s vision of a community-driven, decentralized network. StaFi Warrior’s contribution for March was Phenomenal. As always, their amazing Warriors created admirable content in various formats like Articles, GIFs, infographics, videos & memes related to StaFi & its products like rDEX & StaFiHub. This shows how dedicated and hardworking the ambassadors of the network are and must be. The contributions that come out now and then, along with various forms of content, are created to help improve brand awareness and the understanding of StaFi rToken. That said, the Highly Beneficial Features of the program will be stated below for more accurate details on the entire scheme.



There are a lot of benefits that come with being a StaFi Warrior on the network. But one of the best qualities is the fact that StaFi warriors can apply for awards once a month. The team will assess their rewards by the proof of contributions that you submit. Rewards will be issued in the form of FIS.

Financial Assistance

StaFi will give the ambassador assistance (such as publicity through StaFi’s media channels) and incentives for organizing online and offline Meetups, Workshop talks, and AMAs.

Acquaintanceship With Fellow StaFi Team Personnel

StaFi warriors will make acquaintance with StaFi team members and be the first ones to learn about StaFi’s latest progress, development direction, and strategic decisions. As Beneficial as it is to be friends with other team members, having active communication is also a duty. As a StaFi Warrior, Providing the latest news and suggestions to the StaFi team is imperative. It’s also important to Participate in the testing of StaFi products and give feedback while Collecting feedback from members of the StaFi community.

Community Administration

StaFi warriors can help the community in what they are interested in or good at, polishing professional knowledge and skills. Some outstanding warriors will also have the opportunity to join the StaFi team as core members. StaFi warriors also have the duty of Actively promoting and participating in StaFi events, such as live streams, seminars, and AMAs.

Stay active in StaFi’s official channels including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, 4chan, forums, and WeChat communities. Constantly share the latest developments of StaFi, start and maintain discussions and attract more voices.

The Permission to Know Platform Developments or Details Early

Before a new product is launched, StaFi warriors will be able to participate in internal team discussions, have priority to try our products, provide their valuable feedback, and get first-hand information.


Active Interaction

As a StaFi Warrior, it’s essential to understand and identify with the core values and concepts of StaFi. They must also Generalize the concept of StaFi through different channels, such as forums and social media, to let more people understand StaFi, and promote StaFi’s influence in the crypto community.

They must also actively Help other community members, cooperate with the StaFi team by answering questions, assist community members with nominations and the use of StaFi products, and so on. It’s also necessary for them to Generate StaFi-related content, such as articles, charts, Memes, videos, etc. Make your creation interesting and educational, so that other community members can learn something about StaFi from their work.

Other Necessary Duties

  • Organize online and offline activities, such as Meetup, Workshop talks, AMAs, etc.


Through this amazing program, StaFi Protocol simply recruits efficient and vision people that are willing and worthwhile enough all about Blockchain tech-driven and help in delivering StaFi rToken Products in a decentralized way. As the platform grows more and more, the StaFi Warriors are sure to consistently provide the platform with active contributions and supportive endeavors, which will inevitably alter the development of the entire community positively.

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