RAZOR NETWORK- Journey to Mainnet #1

Looking for an oracle platform that provides data for smart contracts? You should check out Razor network. Razor’s platform is self-sufficient and may access external data sources. It is more resilient to network failure than centralized oracles because it is decentralized.

Razor Network has the lowest possiblity of traffic congestion and can deliver data much more quickly. You should also know that Razor Network is an open-source blockchain agnostic and independent of any specific blockchain.

To promote user involvement in project activities, Razor Network employs a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus architecture. Stakeholders can face penalties for attempting to disclose false data, and they are rewarded for maintaining the platform’s credibility..

Exceptional features of RazorNetwork includes but not limited to;

1. High economic security

2. High decentralization

3. Anti-censorship

4. Easy of use for developers

5. Protection of customers from malicious stakeholders

6. Oracle layer and more.

In terms of partnership, RazorNetwork has made quite notable and important partnerships with the likes of Polygon Network, PersistenceOne and just recently they onboarded three new institutional validators which are 01node, Validatrium and Terminet.

RazorNetwork has done 2 Testnets;

  • First testnet started Jan 27, 2022 and ended Feb 27, 2022

With the successful completion of testnet, Razor Network is preparing for its mainnet launch, following a series of security audits.

In conclusion, RazorNetwork security audits are in progress after which mainnet follows up. Razor Network team are working on next-gen oracle systems as they continue to focus on maximum game-theortical security, complete decentralization and a fully permissionless network.

Official Links

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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