Razor Network — Developments Done In April, 2022

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3 min readMay 7, 2022

Today In the Article, we’ll be discussing major developments that the platform has achieved or relayed to the community over the last week. First off, details on the Razor network will be given.


Razor Network is a decentralized oracle network that connects smart contracts with real-world, off-chain data in a quick, robust and secure way. It was launched in 2019. Razor Network’s core component is a set of smart contracts that can run on any Ethereum-compatible blockchain. Currently, they planto deploy it on a separate, decentralized, proof of stake blockchain compatible with Ethereum. Research and evaluation of any other scalability solution will be performed later. The protocol may need to be modified to secure the oracle, the scalability layer, and the bridging mechanics to make the results available to other blockchains.


Razor Public Incentivized Testing Phase 2

On the 25th of April, the platform was happy to announce that the development of Razor Network is going well. In line with the previous community announcements, they are now ready to deploy the second phase of the Razor Network incentivized testnet.

The latest phase will be operating on the SKALE Testnet network. They are bracing themselves for their active community’s flood of participation requests based on the overwhelming response during the first phase. The Razor Public Incentivized Testing Phase-2 is almost here, the platform’s team has set aside a total of 1,000,000 $RAZOR as rewards for testnet participants. The total rewards will be proportionally shared between the eligible participants based on their efficiency in utilizing the testnet tokens.

At the beginning of the incentivized testnet program, each participant will receive a specific amount of TESTNET $RAZOR tokens on the SKALE test net, airdropped to the wallet address declared in the application form. They can stake or delegate these testnet tokens to earn rewards in TESTNET $RAZOR, which needs to be withdrawn to their submitted address before the snapshot deadline, which will be shared in their following communication.

Razor Network On Unifarm’s top 10 tokens

On the 4th of April, Unifarm released their list for the top 10 tokens on their ecosystem which gained so much value within the last 24 hours at that period. Razor Network appeared to be on the list and this just continues to show how much worth the razor token has.

RAZOR token Now On WhatSwap

On the 22nd of April, the platform was elated to announce yet another great news to their Razor Network Community. $RAZOR, their native token, is now listed on Whatswap, which is a medium Built on the Ethereum protocol, Whatswap is a lightweight decentralized trading protocol that aims to offer the community a better and more economical swap experience.

This listing offers an additional avenue for all to buy and sell $RAZOR against ETH, and other ERC20 tokens soon after.

$RAZOR was successfully included on Whatswap on 22nd April at 2 PM IST, opening a trove of new opportunities for the community. Users can now visit the Whatswap dApp to participate in $RAZOR-ETH trades with this new milestone. The listing on $RAZOR on another AMM DEX also means more liquidity pools and farming opportunities, everything leading to some extra passive income for our token holders.

RAZOR Token Farms Now on DFYN DEX(Decentralized Exchange)

On the 15th of April, the platform Announced that RAZOR token farms are now live on DFYN Decentralized exchange for RAZOR token Hodlers. Their two farms, the Ecosystem Farm and Dual Farm are back online on Polygon-based Dfyn Network (their trusted and reliable AMM DEX partner). Participants will stand a chance to earn a portion of the total rewards amounting to 1,080,000 $RAZOR and 45,000 $DFYN over 90 days. As a participant in the Ecosystem and Dual farms, they will be staking $RAZOR-$ETH and $RAZOR-$DFYN liquidity pairs respectively.

To participate in Farming, users have to move their RAZOR token from the Ethereum blockchain network to the Polygon chain. With the $RAZOR holdings now on Polygon Network, you are ready to start farming.


Razor network has accomplished a lot of Developments during April. A move into May, the platform promises to deliver more and more amazing and unique developments for the entire Community.

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