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The Quai Network is composed of 13 chains. The longest block time, highest difficulty, and highest hash rate are all found in the Prime chain at the top. The Prime chain, which is mined by all Quai miners, serves as the foundation of security for the inferior Region and subsequently, Zone chains.

Three Region chains, Cyprus, Paxos, and Hydra, are available to miners beneath the Prime Chain. The difficulty and hash power of these chains are lower than those of the Prime chain, but their throughput and tips are higher. Lastly, each Region chain is subject to three Zone chains. Zone chains have an incredibly high throughput and few difficulties. The Prime chain, one of the three Region chains, and one of the nine Zone chains will all be mined by Quai miners.

Through occurrences known as coincident blocks, all Region and Zone chains acquire the same level of security as the Prime chain. A coincident block connects a Prime and Region chain, a Region and Zone chain, or all three chains. It represents the combined levels of work across blockchains.

Quai Network anticipates being able to handle up to 7,500 tps at launch 250x more than Ethereum with an asynchronous Zone block throughput of 1.11s 12x quicker than Ethereum thanks to merged mining and its hierarchical 13 chain structure.

Additionally infinitely expandable, Quai can add as many Region and Zone chains as the network requires. The Quai developers have future-proofed Quai by fundamentally laying the groundwork for further Region and Zone chains, and this procedure is incredibly straightforward.


Following my article on Quai Network Bronze Age testnet analysis, you can tell that it was impactful and added a lot of value to the network. They didn’t stop there. After the Bronze Age Testnet, the Quai team didn’t relent and has been hard at work refining the network. They went further to launch their third Testnet, the Iron Age Testnet. The Iron Age Testnet was incentivized for 1 month. Even after incentivization ended, the network remained operational until the beginning of the Golden Age Testnet, estimated to be in Q3 2022.

Iron Age Testnet participation was encouraged by the distribution of 12 million Quai coins. One-third of these awards 4 million tokens were allocated to DApp developers, while two-thirds of these payouts 8 million tokens were allocated to miners. Unlike the Bronze Age Testnet, no cap was attached to participation in the Iron Age Testnet. Miners were required to generate their mining addresses before completing the form for participation. Completing the Iron Age Testnet Form, gave the participants automatic corresponding Testnet role(s) in the Quai Network Discord server, giving them access to communities of other Quai miners (Spartans).


On the Iron Age Testnet, 8 million Quai tokens will be given to those that mine blocks on the official Quai Network blockchains. Higher degrees of Quai token incentives will be offered for the Quai Network chains that are more challenging.

After the Testnet, prizes will be determined by taking into account both the total number of blocks generated and the hash ratesafeguarding the Network. Blocks made with greater levels of difficulty will receive the appropriate compensation.

The number of blocks mined by each mining address listed on the Iron Age Testnet type form throughout the Testnet and the level of difficulty of each block mined will be used to calculate each recipient’s rewards. No other steps apart from a miner routinely upgrading and adhering to KYC criteria are needed to be completed to be eligible for rewards after submitting the form with mining addresses.

When the Iron Age Testnet is life, instructions for setting up a Quai Network miner will be posted on the Quai Network YouTube channel. Interested participants that missed the Quia Network Iron Age Testnet Twitter AMA with the co-founder, Alan O can visit the YouTube page to catch up.

Upon the Quai Network Mainnet Launch, mining awards for the Iron Age Testnet will be given out, just as social media prizes and rewards from the Stone and Bronze Age Testnet.

The Iron Age Testnet will be a phase of continual development for Quai Network, much like the Stone and Bronze Age Testnets. It’s normal to encounter bugs and faults, and they will be fixed as quickly as possible. Testing the QuaiSnap wallet, the EVM, the cross-chain settlement time, and other things are among the main priorities for the Iron Age Testnet.

You can join Quai Network Discord to remain informed about progress and interact with DApps running on the Iron Age Testnet.

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