Quai Bronze Age Testnet Analysis

  • Spartans:- Quai Network’s Spartans’ work was to defend Quai from malicious activity and confirm legitimate transactions by running miners and nodes.
  • Architects:- Developing projects and smart contracts that translate Quai’s amazing breakthroughs into practical applications was the responsibility of Quai Architects.
  • Citizens:- Citizens do not mine or build on Quai Network, but they were essential nonetheless. The vast majority of a blockchain’s activity is from everyday users who transact on the network. Quai Network recognized the value of these users and rewarded them for transacting on-chain.

Analysis, Conclusion & Learnings from the Bronze Age Testnet

The Bronze Age Testnet was wildly successful. Within the short timeframe, the team witnessed the following:

  • 1,700 nodes come online.
  • 1.4 million blocks were successfully mined across the network.
  • 110K+ transactions completed.
  • 1,070 unique miners participate.
  • 2,089 unique mining addresses mine blocks.



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