Plutos Network Mid-Term December, 2021 Update

Plutos Network is a cross-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform which introduces mining incentives and Staking rewards to users. By integrating Blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, and Solana, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network is to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products which are sustainable, profitable, and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.

With Plutos, all users can have access to synthetic assets from both the traditional financial market and the crypto market. By enabling cross-chain and on-chain functionalities, Plutos will be able to deliver keynote features such as scalability, high interoperability, low cost of transactions, offering the perfect solution for the current DeFi derivative market to difficulties and limitations such as high gas fee, low transaction speed, vulnerability of hacking such as flash loan etc.

Plutos Network is built on some major chains such as the Solana, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain, so for a user, it combines the good characteristics of each of these chains in order to provide the best user experience, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading plus so many loads of other services, just for user satisfaction.

Moving on to the latest updates this December. The Pluto network had completed its second buyback and burning as promised to the community.

Pluto users have been given the opportunity to earn with Plutos Network. With liquidity rewards tagged at $30,000 worth of $PLUT tokens a month for users. The weekly incentive plan available also allows users to use the Plutos Vault to earn up to $1000 worth of $PLUT

Plutos Network Launched their User Dashboard and PlutButton Game. Here’s a little insight into how the game works. PlutButton is an easy-to-play game for all PLUT holders to have fun and win BIG! Users can deposit a minimum amount of 1 PLUT (2 PLUT is the default setting) in order to press the button for one time, by doing so, it will be adding that amount of PLUT tokens into the Prize Pool. The initial Prize Pool is 1,000 PLUT and the size of Prize Pool will increase each time a user plays. The game is concluded when the LAST person who presses the button walks away with 90% of the total prize pool and the rest 10% will be paid to the projects’ developers.

In the month of December, it is also worth knowing that users who staked in any of the previous staking products can check their staking info and analytics in real time. When users connect their wallets used in Plutos staking they will be able to see the real-time data and info including TLV, Maturity Time, Staked amount etc. This is made for users who staked PLUT tokens to better manage their stakings.

Plutos Network’s first of a kind synthetic system architecture also stands out as an update in the month of December. The Plutos Network technical architecture will be built on a next-generation system, ensuring scalability and speed for users all round.

Pluto Network communities have Also been created via Telegram for users from all over, different countries and locations to join to get pieces of information about the projects’ development in their preferred languages. Access to the links of these groups will be found on the official Twitter page.

To Learn more about Plutos Network visit the links below;




Telegram Group

Telegram Channel




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