OpenOcean Project — Amazing Developments Achieved Over the Week

The OpenOcean medium started off the beginning of the November with a lot of Achievements and developments for the community; they launched a series of OpenOcean AMAs, starting with the awesome Benqi Finance team on Avalanche, they also released their Atlantic Version on the Ethereum chain. They also gave the community $200,000 worth of OOE in trading rewards. These stated developments not only proves their rich standards for incentivizing the users, but also displays their level of diversification & dedication to System upgrades. In today’s article, we will be pointing out the few developments Achieved by OpenOcean in the past week. First off, a brief summary on OpenOcean will be detailed before delving into the updates.

OpenOcean Project

OpenOcean is basically the first Decentralized finance & Centralized finance based Aggregator. The network’s Algorithm for intelligent routing looks for the best price & minimal slippage for the users & traders in the CeX & DeX mediums with no extra charges. The network has aggregated leading DeXs in the public chains, including; Ethereum chain, Solana, Polygon Network, Fantom, HECO, TRON network, and so on. OpenOcean still plans on supporting cross chain swaps through cross chain systems & bridges, Aggregating more Decentralized and Centralized Finance products while launching intelligent management services. Their recent developments for the past week will be detailed.


Atlantic Version Launch

The Atlantic Version enables users with a high end algorithm & protocol upgrades in order to improve trading for great profits based on numerous parameters, such as great prices, low gas fees, low slippage & developed routing in order to increase final returns. The OpenOcean medium launched the Atlantic version to deliver superior DeFi trades and swaps on Ethereum chain via cointelegraph on the 9th of November.

WooNetwork Integration

On the 12th of November, OpenOcean announced the integration of WooNetwork’s DeX on Binance chain, this integration adds Woo’s deep on chain Liquidity to OpenOcean in order to provide users a premier DeFi experience for the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Ecosystem.

Trick Or Trade Contest Ends

On the 29th of October, OpenOcean announced their fall fantom Campaign which took place on the Fantom chain network. In order to celebrate The network’s recent aggregation with the Fantom chain network, they offered a prize pool of 10 thousand dollars worth of coins across 2 campaigns for the users carrying out exchanges on OpenOcean through Fantom chain network. The contest ended on the 12th of November, they congratulated 60 winners who will then receive OOE rewards. This OOE may have the chance to get to work in a new saucy Liquidity mining pool soon.

$GM and $GN Trading

On the 12th of November, the platform informed the community that they can now trade $GM and $GN on OpenOcean’s Ethereum network with the best final return


With these highlighted features and developments made by OpenOcean in the week, a display of dedication and hardwork is in fruition. They promise to deliver more reward schemes to the user’s while upgrading their Atlantic protocols. With more updates to come, OpenOcean aims to be a fantastic Aggregator for the Centralized & Decentralized finance industry.

Learn more about OpenOcean

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