OpenOcean Network — Developments Initiated Over the Course of The Week(15th to 20th Nov)

GodRACE Writes
3 min readNov 22, 2021

OpenOcean Network has truly shown that they are on the roll through their consistent development plans. In the beginning of the month, they showed promise by launching their Atlantic Version on the Ethereum chain network. While on this release, the network gave 200 thousand dollars worth of OOE in trading rewards to the community. As the Month runs out, they plan to keep their community updated while ensuring the facilitation of their experiences. Over the course of the article, we’ll be delving into various developments achieved by OpenOcean during the week. A little info on the Network’s features will be detailed first before the discussion.


OpenOcean is simply the 1st Decentralized & Centralized finance Based Aggregator. OpenOcean’s algorithm for intelligent routing searches for the best prices with minimal slippage for every user/ trader affiliated with the Decentralized and Centralized Exchange system with no extra charges. OpenOcean has aggregated a lot of prominent DeXs around the public network. These mediums include; Solana, fantom, Polygon and many more. The system still plans to integrate cross chain swaps via cross chain bridges and systems. While on this integration, they are dedicated to providing the community with frequent weekly updates, the updates for this week will be detailed below:


On the 16th of November, the platform placed a Beethoven (Moonlight Sonata) tune on their network. This was automated to help users trade more efficiently while trading on OpenOcean. Get more details here


On the 18th of November, OpenOcean Network announced that $20,000 in OOE rewards have been equally distributed to 1,785 amazing OOE enthusiasts. The Top 1 traded 620,491.32 OOE on the Binance Smart chain (BSC). The network congratulated and thanked all the users who participated in the campaign. Get more details on this here

On the 19th of November, the platform also announced the distribution of the trick or trades fUSDT rewards for 60 winners.


On the 18th of November, the platform announced the Initiation of the REIMAGINE virtual conference, which was planned to be held together with Cindy from OpenOcean, Joe from CMS holdings, and Vijay from DYDX protocol inorder to discuss the future Development of Decentralized finance including derivatives. Get more details here


On the 19th of November, at 19:00 UTC, the platform’s Community joined them along with the Co-founder of Avalaunch, Mr.David Donnenfeld to learn about the future of fundraising on Avalanche. More details here


The OpenOcean Network is really working towards facilitating various schemes and plans for the betterment of their community and network. With the rewards being successfully distributed, the platform encourages the community to stay tuned for more reward based events. The network is really proving to be a Onestop destination to trade on 10 networks. It also grants users freedom to trade any token with the best return. While facilitating this sector, users will be empowered with more reward & incentive plans along the way. As the platform enters the last week of the month, it promises to update the platform with the best reports.

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