OpenOcean — Highlights For the last Week (13th -19th Dec, 2021) On the Network

The OpenOcean platform has been extremely hardworking and productive on updates for the last few months. They haven't failed at all to consistently deliver more reward schemes to their Community while researching on how to upgrade their protocols. The article today is going to be based on the wonderful developments that OpenOcean has initiated over the course of the week, before the discussion, a little emphasis on what the platform is about will be stated.

OpenOcean Details:

OpenOcean is simply the 1st Decentralized & Centralized finance Based Aggregator. OpenOcean’s algorithm for intelligent routing searches for the best prices with minimal slippage for every user/ trader affiliated with the Decentralized and Centralized Exchange system with no extra charges. OpenOcean has aggregated a lot of prominent DeXs around the public network. These mediums include; Solana, fantom, Polygon and many more. The system still plans to integrating cross chain swaps via cross chain bridges and systems. While on this integration, they are dedicated to providing the community with frequent weekly updates, the updates for this week will be detailed below:

Hiring Individuals for Different Positions:

On the 14th of December, the platform announced that they are currently hiring. They informed their Community that they are open for various positions such as; Senior Marketing Manager/Director, Business Development Manager/Director along with Project Marketing Manager.
For more info:

X World Games Partnership:

On the 16th of December, OpenOcean platform announced another awesome partnership with X World Games. OpenOcean is bringing users more ways to acquire and trade their XWG tokens. All they have to do is head over to the openOpean site and obtain them.
For more information:

Trading Campaign:

From the 16th of December at 1pm - the 24th of December, OpenOcean will be having another Atlantic Wave on Binance Chain ( A trading Campaign to share 80,000 OOE tokens). The Campaign Competition has a total of 60,000 OOE tokens to be won, while the lucky draw is of 20,000 OOE tokens.
For more info:

Community Talk:

On the 17th of December at 10am UTC, the platform’s community talk went live, they simply discussed project updates while receiving questions from the community. For more info:

Binance Chain Partnership:

On the 18th of December, OOE token single staking finally went live on Binance Chain. OpenOcean partnered with the BSC MVB III winner in order to offer a $50,000 dual reward. Users can now stake OOE tokens to earn OOE and ZOO tokens. For more info:

FARM Launch On Ethereum:

On the 18th of December, they announced that OpenOcean Farms on Ethereum are now launched. Users can now Stake OOE-ETH tokens to earn OOE tokens, they can also stake OOE-USDC tokens and earn OOE tokens. It’s important to note that this will last for 60 days. For more info:


The OpenOcean Network is really working towards facilitating various schemes and plans for the betterment of their community and network. With the rewards being successfully distributed, the platform encourages the community to stay tuned for more reward based events. The network is really proving to be a Onestop destination to trade on 10 networks. It also grants users freedom to trade any token with the best return. While facilitating this sector, users will be empowered with more reward & incentive plans along the way. As the platform enters the last week of the month, it promises to update the platform with the best reports

Learn more about OpenOcean

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GodRACE Writes

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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