OpenOcean - Community Updates Achieved During the Week

Welcome to all Crypto Analysts and investors, today's article is going to be displaying the full details on the Developments Accomplished by Open Ocean over the course of the past 7 days. Last week, the team was really active when it came to updates, they enabled rewards schemes, integrations and so on. This week entails quite a few features which we'll be emphasizing on today.

OpenOcean is simply the 1st Decentralized & Centralized finance Based Aggregator. OpenOcean's algorithm for intelligent routing searches for the best prices with minimal slippage for every user/ trader affiliated with the Decentralized and Centralized Exchange system with no extra charges. OpenOcean has aggregated a lot of prominent DeXs around the public network. These mediums include; Solana, fantom, Polygon and many more. The system still plans to integrate cross chain swaps via cross chain bridges and systems. While on this integration, they are dedicated to providing the community with frequent weekly updates, the updates for this week will be detailed below:

UST & LUNA Token Integration
On the 27th of January, the platform onboarded UST and LUNA to the network. Users can now start trading here:

Lunar New Year Celebration
We’ve entered the new year on the solar calendar, and the network wants it to be the time to celebrate once more. This year’s Lunar New Year falls on February 1 and will be the year of the tiger. To celebrate, the network's giving out red envelopes of their own to their royal traders.
Each time users make a qualified trade on Avalanche, Fantom, or Terra via OpenOcean, they will have the chance to win up to $100. This Started on the 28th of January and will end on the 11th of February.

Chosen Winners for the New Year Raffle
On the 26th of January, the winners of the network's new year raffle were chosen. The network thanked them for Participating. Winners received an Email from OpenOcean, including instructions to claim their OpenOcean branded iSafePal hardware wallets.

AstroPort Integration
The platform recently announced that they've integrated AstroPort into their network. It brings more than $1.15 billion of additional Liquidity on Terra, offering users the best rates to swap more efficiently.

Open Ocean is really working towards giving users the best rates around the Community based and Centralized trades with high end trading simplicity. As the platform moves on to more planning and schemes in February, the users are assured of developments that'll enlarge and support the Ecosystem.
Open Ocean network has really worked to provide the best features and functions to facilitate their financial transactions. They have always been known for supporting their individuals with searching for great exchanges on cyber funds across numerous networks without any extra taxes. The platform is truly amazing as it revolutionizes the DeFi Ecosystem.

Learn more about OpenOcean

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GodRACE Writes

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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