Open Ocean Network — Updates Developed Over the Course of the Week (22nd - 27th of NOV)

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3 min readNov 28, 2021

OpenOcean Network has truly shown that they are on the roll through their consistent development plans. In the beginning of the month, they showed promise by launching their Atlantic Version on the Ethereum chain network. While on this release, the network gave 200 thousand dollars worth of OOE in trading rewards to the community. As the Month runs out, they plan to keep their community updated while ensuring the facilitation of their experiences. Over the course of the article, we’ll be delving into various developments achieved by OpenOcean during the week. A little info on the Network’s features will be detailed first before the discussion.


OpenOcean is simply the 1st Decentralized & Centralized finance Based Aggregator. OpenOcean’s algorithm for intelligent routing searches for the best prices with minimal slippage for every user/ trader affiliated with the Decentralized and Centralized Exchange system with no extra charges. OpenOcean has aggregated a lot of prominent DeXs around the public network. These mediums include; Solana, fantom, Polygon and many more. The system still plans to integrating crosschain swaps via crosschain bridges and systems. While on this integration, they are dedicated to providing the community with frequent weekly updates, the updates for this week will be detailed below:

AvaLaunch Partnership

AvaLaunch is the launchpad powered by Avalanche. OpenOcean and Avalaunch AMA went live on the 19th of November at 19:00 UTC. The Co-founder, David was the speaker and answered the users questions. There was also an opportunity to gain $1000 in XAVA.

Panel Talk (REIMAGINE)

On the 23rd of November, users joined the Panel talk with Cindy from OpenOcean, Joe from CMSholdings, and Vijay from DyDxProtocol. This conversation helped to bring more knowledge about DeFi and derivatives to the community.


On the 26th of November, at 10:30 am UTC, OpenOcean hosted an AMA with FatBoy from the GameFi project called MOBOX. Users joined and gained the opportunity to win 6 MOMO keys.

The initially held a warmup, for more information:

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Thanksgiving Celebration

On the 25th of November, OpenOcean announced the celebration of Thanksgiving. In order to truly celebrate it, OpenOcean shared 5,000 OOE with love to all the user’s amazing supporters.

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Fantom Trade

On the 26th of November, the community was encouraged to be ready to take Fantom ship on OpenOcean in order to share $80,000 rewards. This will end on the 9th of December, by 1pm UTC. Users can trade $BEETS, $BOO, $BRUSH, $FAST, $FTM, $fWINGS, $GEIST, $LQDR, $SPIRIT, $TAROT, $TOMB, $TSHARES on Fantom Network via OpenOcean.

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Lucky Draws and Competitions

On the 26th of November, the lucky draw ($10,000) and Campaign Competition ($70,000) was Iterated to the community. 200 lucky users were selected to win $25 each on the lucky draw, while the top 100 users stood a chance to grab up to $15,000 in the Campaign Competition.

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The APR is running high on Pangolindex, users can stake OOE-AVAX in order to earn PNG. For the newbies to DeFi that would like to trade to get $MBOX, OpenOcean is a perfect spot to try it out. OpenOcean network as a DeFi and CeFi Aggregator, always helps users to get the best final return. More prospects and developments are sure to be initiated soon, as OpenOcean ends the month.

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