Open Ocean Network — Recently Achieved Programs and Collaborations Developed by The Project

Good day Everyone, welcome, today will be discussing the recent developments and achievements accomplished by the Open Ocean network, But first looking into what the network entails will be needed to comprehend their features and functions.

Open Ocean Network Details

Open Ocean is globally the 1st decentralized & Centralized finance aggregator. The platform’s algorithm for intelligent- routing looks for the best price with minimal slippage for users or exchangers across the centralized & decentralized trading mediums with no extra fees. The platform has also aggregated prominent Decentralized Exchanges across the public based chains, they include; Binance Chain, Ethereum chain, Avalanche network, Polygon Network, Solana network, Binance (CeX), HECO network, TRON network, Fantom chain and finally Ontology chain. Open Ocean over time will consistently enable cross chain swap support through bridges & protocols for the cross chain, aggregate many more DeFi with CeFi assets, while releasing intelligent administration services. More details about the platform’s recent developments will be detailed below:


Fantom platform is a really amazing scalable chain network platform that has innovated and deployed some of the major, prominent Decentralized Exchanges in the digital Finance environment. Because of this, Aggregating Fantom & Open Ocean was a really essential procedure to go through.

On the 4th of October, the platform announced the Aggregation of the fatom system with it’s prominent Decentralized Exchanges which include Curve, Spookyswap, Sushiswap and Spiritswap. Through the adoption, Individuals on Open Ocean network no longer have to fear when looking for the best exchanges for the fantom-built products or assets initiated by Open Ocean’s (Atlantic- Version), which was placed to optimize exchange for great returns depending on a number of parameters, such as slippage, cost of transactions, price and so on.

Open Ocean is now currently the 1st CeX & DeX based aggregator to collaborate with Fantom platform. Because of it’s quick transactions & low price rates, while sustaining the security measures. Fantom platform has reeled in great Decentralized finance projects along with brand new gaming apps, which proves there’s a lot of value from the partnership.


Open Ocean network announced the launch of their Ambassador program on the 11th of October. They are on the lookout for users,Various captains and Navigators who will join the platform in their aims to attract individuals to a spot where both CeFi and DeFi features are available in one spot. Individuals can now become Open Ocean Ambassadors and gain rewards. individuals just have to carry out a few procedures to apply; First off, they’ll have to submit their applications and wait for 2 weeks for confirmation or responses. Once confirmed and selected, they’ll officially be an ambassador, after a 2 week trial.

Ambassador Qualities

1- A very active platform individual that is really dedicated to the assets and teams.

2- A really experienced Cryptocurrency user who has the full knowledge and understanding of Decentralized finance and the chain network

3- Users who are anxious to be affiliated with the platform’s team in order to develop the project.

4- Users who have interests in project & Community networking

5- Users who like interacting with every user in a friendly manner

6- Users, content creators or influencers, who are prominent and active

7- The platform has also placed roles for ambassadors, which include; Open Ocean Navigators, Captains With Product Based Testers.


The 2nd version of The Open Ocean Atlantic, is now initiated with a great algorithm placed for returns amplifications. The platform announced that the 2nd version of the Atlantic will be live on the 19th of October on their aggregated mediums or chains, such as; Binance Chain, Polygon chain, Fantom chain and so on. Soon, it will be Ethereum supported.


Open Ocean network has really worked to provide the best features and functions to facilitate their financial transactions. They have always been known for supporting their individuals with searching for great exchanges on cyber funds across numerous networks without any extra taxes. The platform is truly amazing as it revolutionizes the DeFi Ecosystem.

Learn more about OpenOcean

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