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5 min readJun 1, 2021

Blockchain, one of the most recent technological developments have made massive impact in the global market. It is an innovative virtual ledger designed and programmed not only to record financial transactions, but anything at all that holds value. Its use case as a result of its immutable structure stretches beyond the boundaries of finance into other industries including communication, healthcare, transportation and many more.

The new paradigm of finance known as defi or decentralized finance has seen massive adoption since its introduction into the digital market. away from the shady practices of brokerages,money exchanges, banks and other financial institutions, DeFi is designed to eliminate the involvement of intermediaries and bring back control of assets into the hands of the original owners.

DeFi in simple terms means an experimental financial format that does not depend on third parties to function but gives management and control of assets into the hands of users, this form of finance is only achievable with the deployment of cryptographically backed digital tokens called cryptocurrency, these currency is supported by strong inscription codes so that it can be difficult if not impossible to either counterfeit or double spend. The blockchain is massively impacting the defi and cryptocurrency industry in order to attain the vision of a cashless economy.

crypto usage can be unbelievably complicated especially for newbies who do not have any experience whatsoever about the industry, also most professionals still struggle to find their grounds in the crypto market as various projects consistently proffer similar products, while others offer opportunities that have little returns for investors, traders and merchants, Merlinlab is changing the narrative with its robust structure and mouth watering pools for every DeFi lover s.


Merlinlab is a next generation defi platform built on the binance smart chain network and utilizes smart contracts and innovative staking protocols to help farmers attain massive returns on their assets. It is a network that fuses the best of yield maximization with functionality in a bid to proffer an unbeatable platform that recognizes the massive benefits in auto compounding as well as the value encrusted in the accumulation of various cryptocurrencies including the likes of btcb, eth cake,bnb, etc.

As a matter of fact, this platform is by far the highest annual percentage yield , auto compounding yield aggregator on the binace smartchain network. The idea of the merlinlab project is to develop a suite of complementary decentralized finance products that will function harmoniously within the ecosystem.

While there are not effective and functional crypto farming projects lucrative enough to meet users’ needs holistically, merlinlab is a community driven crypto project designed with the best APY possible to keep farmers interested as well as making major improvements and audits from time to time. The merlinlab project was launched only recently and within one week attained an incredible feat, a TVL of 180m.


This is quite an insightful question. There are various blockchain infrastructures driving the development of decentralization finance, these infrastructures have formed the basis for the creation of decentralized applications (Dapps) protocols and smart contracts for better performance and smooth assimilation of crypto into the financial system.

Meanwhile, the merlinlab platform has successfully built and initiated operations on the binance smart chain network, why this choice?

Let’s look at a few features that make BSC the ideal platform for Merlinlab.

  • The Binance smart chain is known for its robust and reliable structure for building Dapps and protocols which are instrumental in attaining a completely cashless economy. Bsc is designed in a way that any decentralized finance platform such as merlinlab can easily thrive in a growing ecosystem of millions of users.
  • Cost effectiveness is one of the major reasons why Merlinlab has chosen to build on bsc. This entails that transactions and trade on the platform are carried out with almost insignificant transaction fees on chain, unlike the Etherum network that is plagued by massive trading fees.
  • Another reason is an ultra fast trading experience for merchants, farmers, traders etc. There is hardly any clogging of the network, users are sure about their trades and transactions being completed in very little time.
  • The high performance of the binance smart chain network, it is believed to have the capacity of producing a block every 3 seconds.
  • Bsc is a growing ecosystem that is powered by binance decentralized exchange(dex), which is the leading trading,swapping and investment platform for digital assets.
  • Furthermore, binance smart chain offers a cross chain DeFi mechanism that facilitates interactions and communication of digital assets across blockchain, also this network boasts an ecosystem that funds many DeFi projects.


MERL is the unique cryptocurrency of the merlinlab platform, just like uni is to Uniswap and cake to pancakeswap, Merl is designed to enhance operation within the platform.

It is a digital currency which is based on the binance smart chain network, this token can be utilized for staking, transaction fee, platform governance, incentives, store of value and many more. Holders of the Merl token will be granted access and enjoy the full perks of the Merlin lab platform.


The Merlinlab ecosystem is creating an opportunity for crypto bounty hunters to gain as much Merl as they can by participating in their ongoing bounty and airdrop campaigns. The team has pooled a total amount of $25 000 Merl tokens to be rewarded to 1000 random airdrop participants and up to $200 000 usdt for bounty.

To participate in the airdrop and the bounty campaigns, one is required to meet certain criteria which includes performing a few tasks like joining the Merlinlab social media platforms, retweeting posts etc.


The merlinlab platform is raising the bars so high for DeFi users all over the globe, it combines the best features of yield maximization and functionality to help users attain massive auto compounding of and accumulation of various cryptocurrency.

Merlinlab allows users to stake Merl tokens in very rich liquidity and staking pools on chain for maximum benefits while offering more exciting DeFi products that will keep users interested in the platform as well as boost the adoption of the ecosystem.

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Author: Adesina Oluwasanmi

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