InvArch Project — Development Updates For November

In today’s article, we are going to be displaying full details on the Platform’s development accomplishments for the month of November. The Developers have been really consistent with their updates, as they focus on initiating partnerships, upgrades and many more in order to enhance the experience of every single user. Before we analyze the different developments, bits of information about the platform itself will be stated in order to fully comprehend these Achievements.


InvArch is simply a System for intellectualProperty tokenization & decentralized or Community based development. Unlike former chain networks which were centered primarily on services for InvestmentFinance & the PhysicalAsset tokenization classes, the InvArch network enabled for datasets.

During the course of October, the platform had a lot of big announcements. They brought back the Ambassador Program Application submission round, while implementing the release of the Ambassador Handbook for every one in the community. The network also sent out denial emails letting users know that they were not selected for that round. Yes, Some individuals felt bad about the situation, but the platform announced that there will be more opportunities in the future. The team encouraged all individuals who didn’t make it for that round to reapply when the moment arrives if they’re still interested in taking the position as an Ambassador. But today, users don’t have to worry anymore because the time to resubmit their applications will be set in a few days. Specifically, the 4th of December, 2021. InvArch ended this month on a high note which is great news, a little information on that and more will be stated.


InvArch placed a set of schemes for Community development which was a success. During the early stages of the month, their discord community has passed the 5000User mark. A week before this accomplishment, they had only 500 members. This really displays the results for their community development schemes.

InvArch’s platform was really focused on guaranteeing the future Development and success of their entire network. The platform’s team positioned themselves for expansion, which helped to speed up the development while maximizing the talentBase contributing to the InvArch project. This was a huge moment for them all, which motivated them to also refine the Protocol’s focus and design changes for the month of November

As promised the platform Developments will be detailed below.


Community NFTEvent

InvArch platform over the course of the first week, was happy to announce the Initiation of the Power of Ideas (Community NFT event). This particular Community NFT event featured FIVE exclusive NFTs which was hosted on RMRK’s Singular Network and was open to all members of InvArch’s community. These NFTs featured a collection of Original Works by Ana Gabriella GatchalianDavid which detailed the power, beauty and of course idea possibilities. In order for the users to earn the opportunity to gain one of the FIVE NFTs, every member had to follow the official account of the platform on Twitter.

Highlights For The 1st Week Of NOVEMBER

The platform’s weekly highlights are always special. They have been announcing and sharing details behind the upgrades and redesign of their protocol. They’re narrowing the scope of this protocol in order to maximize the spectrum of new and amazing possibilities of applications, while introducing brand new sorts of development toolbox for various engineers.

InvArch during this period made some alterations to the Tokenomics of VARCH. This specifically means that the developers lowered the fundraising target for that round while maximizing the strategic round goal. At this period, InvArch nearly finished the fundraising.

During this week, they also announced that the Community NFT event had One week left. They also initiated the goal to expand the Ambassador Program.

Highlights For The 2nd Week Of NOVEMBER

During this particular week, Not much developments were initiated, they were truly busy behind the scenes in order to facilitate more Developments. But during this time, they announced that the EVM smart Contract was almost ready to be initiated, at which point, basic Mechanism for minting intellectualProperty & releasing Solidity Refind SmartContracts that will utilize this data was possible.

The Senior Ambassadors also had their 1st Ambassador call over the course of this week, with a couple of the Team Members. Amazing Ideas, A lot of ways to optimize the Ambassador Program & make it better were discussed. Due to the discussion being implemented, Members anticipated for great altercations to the program.

As stated on DotMarKet Cap, the platform team already secured contribution offers which totalled an amount way beyond the $1.75 million Fundraising aim. However, the platform’s team engaged in some extra talks with some other interestedFunds during the week after this one and heard different offers before deciding on all of the project’s collaborators for this round.

Highlights For The 3rd Week Of NOVEMBER

Over the course of this week, the platform’s team made a breakthrough, and the updates got every user excited for InvArch’s future. During the week, they stated that they were going to introduce a placed protocol for the IP based tokenization, Utility & management, it was also extending this Mechanism directly throughout the entire Polkadot network while establishing the first system for identifying cross chain plagiarism & authenticating Cross chain ownership.

The platform’s team also apologised for extending the initiation of the VARCH token generation event (TGE) to December. Since the VARCH TGE will be conducted using StateMint chainNetworks, InvArch’s team is also dependent on the development highlights and upgrades of this specific chain. The StateMint chainNetworks seemed ready for upgrades while onboarding as a Polkadot Common good Parachain for December.

To Conclude

The platform is definitely displaying dedication towards remodeling their entire ecosystem while enabling schemes for the growth of the community. In the early stages of Month of December, applications for the InvArch Ambassador program are going to be opened back up and will stay open for the foreseeable future. To all the users who have been waiting, now is their opportunity. The platform also promises that the VARCH token Generation Event will inevitably be initiated over the course of December. The month of November has been incredible for the entire community, the platform enabled a lot of developments, from the community NFT event to the Ambassador Program discussions. As they enter the month of December, more Phenomenal initiations will be launched in order to end the entire year on an amazing note.

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