EasyFi Weekly Recap — 14–21 August 2021

GodRACE Writes
2 min readAug 23, 2021

This article is a recap of EasyFi’s activities for this week (14–21 August).

A lot of activities were featured this past week ranging from amazing APRs on staking and farming programs with $EZ, partnerships and new UI/UX reveal and securing the protocol by investing to insure the EasyFi protocol amongst others.

Below are EasyFi’s activities that made the Highlights this past week:

EasyFi Invests in Multi-chain Protocol insurance in collaboration with TidalGlobal which Covers:

Smart contracts on Polygon, Ethereum & BSC

Lending, Farming & Staking modules

Periodic subscription based coverage

Premium to be based on TVL to be covered.


Tidal is the first cross-chain DeFi insurance platform that makes DeFi safer by providing insurance coverage for assets across chains in custom balanced liquidity pools.

Participated in Crypto Roundtable with WazirX

The Independence Day Crypto Roundtable featured discussion like:

How crypto is shaping the future of finance and technology in India

The roles Indian crypto projects play in it etc.

Partnered with Cryption Network for Dual Rewards programme —

By exploring collaborative incentivization opportunities for both communities to pledge their holding tokens — EZ and/or CNT — in a way to earn more of the same or partner tokens.

Removing substantial EZ and CNT out of circulation with a time-bound lock-in while also aiming to improve overall returns based on the reduced supplies.

Introducing users to each other’s ecosystems and enabling them further explore other high yield maximizing opportunities by cross-leveraging each other’s platforms etc.

The High-Yield EZ Mega Staking programme continued on EasyFi

Mega Staking Continued on EasyFi, and 940,909+ EZ & EZIOUs were taken out of circulation.

Bumper farming programmes on Polygon with 76% — 800% APRs

EZ Bumper farming programs continued and below is the current APRs On various farms:

DFyn_HQ Dual Farms — 163%

Unifarm Multi-Token Cohort — 76%

BeefyFinance: EZ- $DFYN Vault — 406%

Quickswap: EZ- $USDC LP Mining — 257%

Quickswap: EZ- $QUICK LP Mining — 325%

CryptionNetwork: EZ- $CNT Farm — @806%

1 Million EZ Staking Programme on Binance with upto 29% APR

The programme was aimed at taking a Million EZ Tokens out of circulation in the high yield staking program with Binance.

All-new EZ Scan UI/UX Teaser

Users caught a glimpse of the all new, ultra smooth & user-friendly application (EZScan).

Roadmap Q4 2021 Teaser

EasyFi network also created a buzz with a teaser into the 2021 Q4 Roadmap.

To learn more about EasyFi Network visit the links below;

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