EasyFi Project — Weekly Development Highlights

Welcome to all users of the digital world, today we’ll be highlighting several updates that the EasyFi platform has accomplished during the early stages of the month, November. These updates have really proven that the platform is continuously working towards optimization of it’s system for it’s Community users, with more dedication and perseverance, the platform is sure to grant DeFi users with the perfect protocol based setup. Before we delve into what the platform has in store, detailed information on what the platform entails will be mentioned.


EasyFi platform is basically a universal layer2 based lending network that was developed and created for the Decentralized Finance community with the focus on maintaining scalability, adoption & composability. It’s been structured as an open & inclusive commercial network design to operate on public networks in order to simplify the borrowing & lending of cyber assets & other similar financial assets.


CoinBase Wallet Integration

On the 25th of November, the EasyFi platform was thrilled to announce the integration of CoinBase wallet to the EasyFi Application with effect from the 24th of November. Users on CoinBase wallet can now connect their wallets and access funds directly from EasyFi for lending, farming and staking.

Read more here : https://bit.ly/EasyFiCoinbaseWallet

Wallet Integration plan here:


Platform Features

Over the course of the past day, EasyFi has been featured in several projects. The first is from ThisIsInsider Magazine, the magazine had featured the launch of EasyFi’s lending Protocol covering 6 money markets, EZroadmapQ42021 vision and many more. The next is Yahoo finance and NewsBtc, they featured Easyfi’s native integration of CoinBase Wallet.

Cryptominers Conversation

On the 27th of November, by 10am UTC, Shaanush (VP growth and Marketing on EasyFi), will be in a candid conversation with Cryptominers in order to discuss the protocol, achievements, EZroadmap and many more.

For more details : https://t.me/CryptoMiners_Co


EasyFi was also mentioned in an article by InnoTechToday that discusses the mechanics, costs and calculation of gas fees. It mentions how EasyFi’s DeFi lending Protocol is actively making gas transactions possible. As the platform continues to grow and moves on to the next month, more developments are sure to be initiated.

To learn more about EasyFi Network visit the links below;

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper | Blog | App



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