EasyFi platform — Update On the Final Audit Made By Halborn

The article today is going to be delving into the details on the final audit update that the platform has made recently in order to support their Ecosystem and the industry in general. Before that, Users would like to know more about Easyfi platform, the Description on it and it’s featured will be outlined


EasyFi is simply a layer- 2 Protocol for lending created for the DeFi ecology. It sternly focuses on the integration, Scalability and most of all composability. It’s an open financial network architecture which functions on public networks in order to fully develop digital asset or fund lending with borrowing simplicity. The previously Iterated update will be explained and pointed out below

Halborn’s Final Audit

Recently the platform was happy to announce to their Community that Halborn Auditing Platform, which is their security consulting platform and auditors, has successfully finalised the thorough auditing process for the lending protocol Smart- contracts on EasyFi platform.

The audit was finalized by security experts who are great professionals in chain network and smart contract based security with their deep understanding of numerous chain network protocols and high end penetration testing. Users should note that EasyFi has utilized the best measures for safe smart contract developments.

Auditing Summary

Analysis on the lendingModule Smart Contract Code

Halborn team performed a thorough study and analysis on all the codes & data systems affiliated with the lendingModule Smartcontract.

Test for Penetration

The security personnels carried out a tests for Penetration to find any sort of vulnerability or glitches before the final release.

Assessment and Analysis of Risks

The platform utilized great techniques to wide scale protocol analysis to find any sort of vulnerability & the bad effects it will cause while the contracts are being executed.


Halborn platform has completed a fully auditing process for EasFi platform, Various automated & manual safety testing was audited by Halborn. This definitely balances timeliness, accuracy, practicality & of course efficiency with regards to the ecology of the lending Smartcontract protocol audit. This serves as good news for all users as EasyFi has completed another step towards full protocol reinstatement for the platform.

To learn more about EasyFi Network visit the links below;

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper | Blog | App

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