EasyFi Network — Recently made Achievements Accomplished by the Network’s Team

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On today’s articles, we’ll be highlighting and basically going over the recent developments and achievements accomplished by EasyFi Network, which is a layer2 lending protocol made for the Decentralized Finance economy, it basically concentrates on adoption, true composability and in general scalability, it was developed as a open commercial system architecture that operates on public mediums to create cyber asset lending and borrowing efficiency. Below are the stated developments made by the platform.

1st Anniversary Celebration

On the 8th of October, 2021, EasyFi Network announced the celebration of the 1st anniversary of the EZ token Generation Event. The platform invited all the users to come and join the special celebration as they started their EZ token NFT giveaways. This was a really anticipated event that Everyone has been waiting for as it grants various EZ token holders of the community to gain Non Fungible Token giveaways.

WOW Summit

This particular event was the biggest chain network event which took place in the middle east (Dubai) from the 14th till the 15th of October, 2021. This WOW summit was initiated to connect and link thousands of prominent chain network leading figures, Cryptocurrency traders, top investors and influencers, CEOs, decision makers and even Fund based managers from top of the line chain network companies. EasyFi was involved with the significant launch of this event as they sponsored, users even had the opportunity to meet and communicate with the EasyFi platform team at the Atlantis.


EasyFi Network has recently accomplished a lot of partnerships and Achievements and these aforementioned Achievements are just their recently made, noteworthy milestones that the network has gotten through. EasyFi is the 1st protocol in the Decentralized finance space to be dual token farming supported, with more hardwork and dedication, they are sure to be the first to achieve more schemes and partnerships for the DeFi economy.

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