EasyFi Network — 3rd Weekly Report for the Month of November

GodRACE Writes
3 min readNov 22, 2021

EasyFi shows it’s dedicated to the community by consistently providing regular updates, which include the facilitation and optimization of certain mechanisms along with the integration of partnerships. In today’s article, we’ll be simply highlighting the several upgrades initiated by the platform over the course of the week. Before delving into the discussion, tidbits on the EasyFi’s details will be mentioned below.


Easyfi network is described generally as a universal layer~2 lending protocol which was designed for the DeFi based community. The platform’s focus is to simply sustain composability, integration , and most of all, scalability. The platform has been well automated as an open and inclusive commercial system which functions on public networks in order to facilitate the lending/ borrowing of digitized assets along with other types of funds. The EasyFi network was also created on the standards of Permissionless networks and smart contracts. EasyFi has continually communicated with their users through the release of updates and innovations, more information about their update reports for the week will be detailed below.


On the 15th of November, the EasyFi platform announced the release of their lending System on the Polygon network.

Users can get started here: https://app.easyfi.network/#/lending

Get more details about the launch here:



EasyFi network is now live on smartphones via Orange Wallet. On the 17th of November, the platform was thrilled to announce that OrangeWallet has integrated EasyFi network staking pools to their wallet application. Various users can now directly access Easyfi staking from a mobile wallet Application. This system is really going to make operations run smoothly and efficiently for all users, asset deposits will now be faster and cheaper. The users will also be enabled with an amazing native mobile experience. Below is the walkthrough on how it works:


  • First off, users have to download the Orange Wallet application, then create or restore a wallet on app.
  • Select the DeFi tab on the wallet, then click the EasyFi card.
  • Once done, choose the staking program of your choice, then you can start to stake, claim and withdraw assets or funds.

Get more details here: https://bit.ly/EasyFionOrange

Refer tutorial here: https://bit.ly/OrangeWalletEasyFiStaking


On the 20th of November, EasyFi platform congratulated the winners of EasyFi Twitter Spaces AMA with EPNS project, these individuals will share $200 in PUSH tokens for the best questions.


On the 18th of November, NewsBtc, which is a leading news service platform, featured EasyFi’s lending Protocol Launch.

You can get more details on it here:



On the 20th of November, the platform informed all their users that their own information browser (EZ SCAN), is now ready and live on the EasyFi application. This new feature adds to the transparency of their protocol.

Get more details here:



EasyFi continues to yearn for the best due to the launch and facilitation of their systems. With the launch of their lending protocol, users can now lend & borrow efficiently due to their successful auditing processes. And of course with Orange Wallet, more users on smartphone devices can now easily access the staking protocol of the platform. As the weeks go by, more and more developments are sure to be initiated and announced inorder to optimize the user experience.

To learn more about EasyFi Network visit the links below;

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