EasyFi — Developments accomplished 2nd Week in December 2021

Welcome to all users of the digital world, today we’ll be highlighting several updates that the EasyFi platform has accomplished during the last stages of November. These updates have really proven that the platform is continuously working towards optimization of it’s system for it’s Community users, with more dedication and perseverance, the platform is sure to grant DeFi users with the perfect protocol based setup. Before we delve into what the platform has in store, detailed information on what the platform entails will be mentioned.


EasyFi platform is basically a universal layer2 based lending network that was developed and created for the Decentralized Finance community with the focus on maintaining scalability, adoption & composability. It’s been structured as an open & inclusive commercial network design to operate on public networks in order to simplify the borrowing & lending of cyber assets & other similar financial assets. EasyFi was also developed upon the principle of networks that are permissionless and smartcontract automation. The topic below will fully list the highlights that EasyFi has accomplished last week.

AMA Updates

On the 6th of December at 12pm UTC, Shantanush (VP of growth and Marketing at EasyFi) had a candid conversation with CryptoZyte Community on their telegram channel. They discussed EasyFi’s System, aims and missions, while delving into EasyFi’s lending market with current and future updates and many more.

On the 8th of October, the platform welcome the winners of the CryptoZyte Community Ama

For more info : https://t.me/CryptoZyteCommunity

On the 13th of December at 2pm UTC, Shantanush also had a candid discussion with C-Challengers on their telegram channel, to discuss the aforementioned topics from the CryptoZyte Community Ama. Users also stood a chance at a prize pool of $100 worth of EZ token.

The Live Liquidation Dashboard

On the 6th of December, the team was thrilled to inform the community that the liquidation module went live on the EasyFi application. This dashboard permits seamless management of insolvent accounts, Incentivization of liquidators, and investor asset protection.

The dashboard also enables strict monitoring of the health of each account on EasyFi, due intimation about an insolvent account, and timely initiation of liquidation proceedings on such account.

For more info: https://bit.ly/LiquidationDashboard

More Update Highlights

119% APY on EZ-USDC LP token mining on EasyFi on Ethereum

150% APY on EZ-WETH LP token mining on EasyFi on Ethereum


OpenOcean began the month of December, with fresh initiatives such as the Developer’s funds and Grants program. This program was placed to fund various promising individuals and projects to develop and contribute to the growth of EasyFi. These Aforementioned highlights really show that the platform’s team isn’t slaking off in any way, as their diversity and upgrade schemes are coming into fruition. As the platform continues to grow through the success of their prospects, more users are sure to be drawn in by the results they have to offer.

To learn more about EasyFi Network visit the links below;

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper | Blog | App




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