EasyFi — A Few Developments Initiated Over the Week

GodRACE Writes
2 min readNov 28, 2021


EasyFi shows it’s dedicated to the community by consistently providing regular updates, which include the facilitation and optimization of certain mechanisms along with the integration of partnerships. In today’s article, we’ll be simply highlighting the Few upgrades initiated by the platform over the course of the week. Before delving into the discussion, tidbits on the EasyFi’s details will be mentioned below.


Easyfi network is described generally as a universal layer~2 lending protocol which was designed for the DeFi based community. The platform’s focus is to simply sustain composability, integration , and most of all, scalability. The platform has been well automated as an open and inclusive commercial system which functions on publicnetworks inorder to facilitate the lending/ borrowing of digitized assets along with other types of funds.


EPNS live Conversation

AMA with Push Notification Services; On the 22nd of November, Shaanush (VP of growth & Marketing on EasyFi network) went live in a conversation with EPNS project. Users joined in and learned more about MoneyMarkets, lending and borrowing, & Push Notifications.

For more info : http://t.me/epnsproject

Multiple Wallet System Integration

EasyFi announced on the 23rd of November, that they’ve been working hard towards integrating multiple wallet systems to drive user onboarding and Liquidity from multiple chains and Ecosystems.

Learn more here : https://bit.ly/NativeWalletIntegration


The aforementioned wallet integration will start with wallets that support Polygon network, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. As the EasyFi network continues to grow and expand to other networks, they will keep adding new wallets to enable a smooth and seamless access to multiple wallet Applications via their app.

To learn more about EasyFi Network visit the links below;

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper | Blog | App