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The worldwide epidemic split the fashion and retail sectors, sending a loud and obvious message to its participants: digitalize or perish. This has shown to be true, especially for established performers who came into the COVID-19 era with fragile financial standings and declining clientele.

Virtual content, goods, services, and experiences are currently co-created in the metaverse, where they may all be completely tracked and democratically monetized.

The leader of this revolt is ALTAVA. As luxury brands advance their digital strategies, they observe their adoption of virtual goods and experiences, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies as essential elements of the new retail landscape. Initially motivated by the need for more effective procedures, trackability, and provenance, these collaborations in gamification, metahumans, and Non-Fungible Tokens have recently seen an explosion (NFTs).

The objective of ALTAVA is to develop a new digital market that offers a specially curated collection of NFTs and other virtual assets by utilizing its cutting-edge technologies and connections with some of the top luxury brands in the world.


How is Altava achieving this? Below are their solutions.

● ALTAVA Worlds of You: Their gamified social commerce platform for high-end clothing is called ALTAVA Worlds of You. People, in their opinion, are multifaceted. Style and self-expression should never be constrained by social norms or physical characteristics. The goal of the ALTAVA digital destination is to make it possible for users to explore, curate, and engage with different metaverse self-expressions.

● ALTAVA Market: Users can buy and sell high-luxury fashion NFTs and virtual collectibles on the ALTAVA Market as either primary or secondary purchases. They will often hold private auctions where new NFTs are first introduced on the primary market. Purchasers can buy and sell their privately owned fashion NFTs on the secondary or resale market.

● ALTAVA Circle: The simplest approach to create a user-driven brand is with ALTAVA circle. Users can introduce, fund, and connect their own virtual businesses to the real world with the help of the community. To reward artists and monetize their involvement, their creator economy model will primarily use TAVA utility tokens as its fuel.

Luxury Metaverse platform ALTAVA Group enables top companies to link IRL and Web3. Also, ALTAVA runs a future marketplace where it assembles tokenized assets, like the NFT collection it developed for brands, for users to buy, sell, and trade.

The platform makes use of the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee the integrity, security, and immutability of the ownership of these assets. Yet the business will soon integrate another, more energy-efficient chain.

One of their NFT initiatives is the BAGC Collection, a golf-themed spinoff of the Elite Apes, The Sandbox, and Animoca Brands-licensed BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club). Merch drops, a golf country club, and an IP ownership/management service are some of the BAGC’s utilities.

ALTAVA additionally runs the Second Skin NFT Collection. Available on the App Store and Play Store, Second Skin is a high-fidelity NFT collection that connects directly to WOY, ALTAVA’s Metaverse.


Developments are ongoing. Here are some things to expect.

● ALTAVA Worlds of You Update: The next significant update to the ALTAVA Worlds of You (WOY) app is currently being developed by the ALTAVA Team.

● FOLLOW-UP SKIN SUPPORT: The ALTAVA Worlds of You app will enable Second Skin NFT Avatars in the upcoming version. Please check back for updates as we hold a number of events using Second Skin Avatars following the update.


Increasing the number of avatars, clothes, and animations to offer a wider range of self-expression. Also, they’re incorporating the mini-game known as Style Challenge into WOY. The Style Challenge mini-game ought to increase users’ enjoyment of the app.

The ALTAVA team is dedicated to the growth of their ecosystem and ongoing improvement. This entails expanding the number of users, brand recognition, and the value of the Second Skin/Land NFT/TAVA tokens. Additionally, they want to make the most of these assets’ potential by assuring interoperability with other virtual worlds in the future averse as well as their gamified social commerce platform for luxury apparel, ALTAVA Worlds of You.

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