DappList August 2021 Recap

As a fan of The Dapp List, I am excited about the new month and can’t wait to see all the team has in store for us. Looking back to August, one can tell that the team is very focused and goal oriented.

The month of August started with the announcement of V2 for the explore module. The community was so hyped to receive this news, a strategic move that is bound to foster the curation of web 3 adoption. Explore V2 promises a seamless exploration of community curated dapps, refreshed user experience, dapp Insights/analytics, and much more. Up to $1,000 rewards were given during the launch.

The Dapp list made it easier to discover dapps based on Blockchains by introducing Featured Blockchain Arenas, a space for exploring community-curated dapps specific to diverse Blockchains. Category zones were also introduced making it easier to discover dapps based on categories. The category zones is a space to explore community-curated dapps specific to diverse Categories.

An Open community AMA was held with the Founder Nirbhik Jangid on Explore V2 with $100 worth of rewards given in $WISE. We got to see the $WISE token journey. This includes; curation that is hunting and voting, $WISE as reward, reputation earning, the uniswap/sushiswap, $WISE entry into the market, minting of rare NFTs, LP token staking, purchase by devs\ promoters, earning $WISE in rewards, $WISE unlock rebate on offerings, token flow to reserves, governance power earning and participation in investDAO.

The Dapp List introduced an easy way for the community to follow up and get to know everything about the Dapp. You can make inquiries on who curated the Dapp, how many users marked it as favourite, Dapp insights and analytics, etc. All these can be found under one space.

Aside from the Dapp Profiles, there was also an introduction of User Profiles & Leaderboard. With the seamlessly accessed user (Hunter & Voter) profiles, users can check their ENS addresses, know their curation history, Keep track of Rewards & Reputation and Compete to stand out in Leaderboards, all available in the v2 that was launched.

A partnership was signed between The Dapp List and Covalent; a leader in providing data from various Blockchain networks, for Blockchain and Data Analysis. This will include daily and historic dapp activity, insights on active wallets, active users, total trade volume & other such metrics. Furthermore, The Dapp List is also working on a data-metric score to track and calculate dapp’s efficiency. With this,, the community will ultimately make a $WISE, informed & transparent decision about whether they must indulge with the particular dapp or look for something else that fits their interests.

Thanks to The Dapp List, people can no longer be deceived by false hype. You can get insights, cut the cutter, know the story of any Dapp via Analytics, read the metrics and See right through the Dapps performance, now in the V2.

The team published an educative article on what blockchain is all about, blockchain technology basics. Topics covered in the article are; the overview of block chain, how blockchain technology works, elements of block chain, types of blockchain and benefits of block chain.

Excited about September? Stay tuned.


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