Black Stallion (BS) February Update

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BLACK STALLION (BS) is a polygon (Matic) based cryptocurrency with the aim of designing and developing its own metaverse, NFTs, Play to Earn games (P2E), and complete ecosystem. This said ecosystem involves its very own wallet, Decentralised exchange, Marketplace, Pay, and Stake features. This is a recap on the updates and events regarding Black Stallion for February 2023.

As you would have gathered from the official site, the expected events for Q1(Quarter 1)- 2023 include the following.

· Black Stallion public sale launch

· Black Stallion CMC & Coingecko Listing

· Black Stallion (BS) Wallet Launch

· Black Stallion Exchange Listing

· Black Stallion MBG trailer

· Black Stallion (BS) NFT collection mint, and

· Black Stallion NFT marketplace launch

So far, here are the events the Black Stallion ecosystem has covered for February.

« The Black Stallion public sale on Pinksale

Black Stallion launched its IDO on the Pink ecosystem (Pinksale) on February 7th, 2023. This public sale was part of an endeavor to transform the industry and make the token, $BS, available to the public for purchases and investment purposes. This event garnered hundreds of attention on the official Twitter account. Members of the public proceeded to make their purchases and invest in the Matic-based cryptocurrency, Black Stallion. After the sales ended, participating members receive their tokens in their various chosen wallets.

To shed more light on the sales event, here are some more details. The sales lasted from the 7th till 23rd February. Investors were able to purchase the $BS token using USDT. The token sale kicked off with a starting price of $0.3. Investors were eager to get in on what appears to be the next big thing in the world of gaming and Metaverse. At the end of the sales event, a lot of investors had secured their share of the token.

The soft cap marker for the event which was graded at 200,000 MATIC worth $BS was attained. By the end of the sales, over 215,000 MATIC worth of $BS was raised.

Here’s a summary of the sales event.

1. IDO start: February 7th

2. IDO end: February 23rd

3. IDO price: $0.3

4. Tokens for sale: 3,000,000 BS

5. Minimum buy: 10 MATIC

6. Soft cap: 200,000 MATIC (Reached)

7. Hard cap: 800,000 MATIC

« Announcing Gate Listing and Start-up Airdrop Program

The start-up Airdrop program launched on February 24th, while on the 25th, the next day, Black Stallion was listed on the Gate exchange. The aim of the listing is to offer investors more diverse opportunities, better security, and room for more potential for growth. The listing date and time were February 25th, and 13:00 (UTC) respectively. The trading pair, BS/USDT.

Regarding the start-up airdrop program, the aim was for to reward the platform users by offering free airdrops. VIP and GT (Gate Token) users were able to get a variety of tokens and airdrop benefits. The duration for the airdrop program was slated for February 24th, 10 am(UTC) till February 25th, 10 am(UTC). The dedicated startup supply was 333,333.3 BS.

There were requirements for participation in the startup sale for VIPs. VIP 0 users were expected to hold no less than 500 USD worth of spot assets in balance, and the number of shares received was one-quarter (1/4) of VIP 1 users’ shares. The higher the VIP tier, the more the share. For VIP 1 and above, the higher the VIP level the higher the contribution share. Each user was allowed only one purchase with a KYC account.

The real-time prices and data for the Black Stallion BS token can be tracked via Coingecko and Coinmarket cap. Following the listing event, Binance covered Black Stallion and released a guide on how to buy the token. That’s the recap on the February events for the Black Stallion community.

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