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5 min readSep 14, 2022


Internal Quai Dashboard testing and running Devnets before the Iron Age Testnet were priorities for Quai Network in August.


The Quai Dashboard which is an all-in-one place to check rewards, learn about Quai, and interact with Testnets went through internal testing. For a smooth launch of the Dashboard to the wider community, a thorough testing process was planned.

To confirm the correctness of the displayed awards, Quai Ambassadors and Discord Moderators will do additional testing on the Alpha version of the Quai Dashboard before the Beta release.

The Quai Dashboard’s Beta version will be made available to the general public after the Alpha release has been tested. Even after the Dashboard’s Beta release, numerous enhancements and updates will still be in development, including support for the remaining social sites operated by Quai Network.


The majority of the Core Protocol’s most recent upgrades to the Hierarchical Longest Chain fork-choice rule have been consensus-related (HLCR). As a result of this testing, the Iron Age experience will be considerably more effective because many of the flaws discovered in internal Devnets will be fixed before the Iron Age Testnet is launched.


The Iron Age Testnet released documentation for building decentralized apps. With 4,000,000 $QUAI in bounties offered for Iron Age Dapp deployments. No matter what they are doing, all Quai developers can benefit from the knowledge in the documentation.

Additionally, in preparation for the Iron Age Testnet, definitive documentation for operating a node and miner was recorded and modified. The tutorials will be made available alongside the Iron Age Testnet so that everyone may quickly and simply set up their nodes and miners when it launches.


In August, there were two more Community Hangouts, and both the Quai community and staff actively participated in both of them. The co-founders of Quai Network joined to answer questions and talk about the future Testnet, covering topics including network design and marketing tactics.

Raleigh, CMO stated that the recent AMAs have been an invaluable way of receiving real-time feedback from the Quai Network community, and allow them to focus their attention directly where it’s needed.


The 5000 $QUAI giveaway began on the 22nd of August 2022 and was concluded at 11:59 pm PST on the 10th of September 2022. The giveaway was held on three different social platforms; Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Participants were limited to 1 entry per user per platform. The giveaway instructions were simple, it required liking the page, following, tagging friends, and joining the Quai Network discord channel.

Participants were required to complete a know your customer and anti-money laundering review by Dominant Strategies Inc.’s compliance standards in addition to filling out and signing an Unrestricted Token Award Agreement provided to you under Dominant Strategies Inc.


An article on the brief history of decentralization was published. It covered how the cypherpunks group came to play, their dedication to building anonymous systems, and pre-bitcoin innovations. Quai Network’s values of openness, decentralization, and security were also emphasized.

  • Openness:- The community is encouraged to contribute, and all Quai Network code is open-source. Transparency is something that the team actively pursues during development and implementation.
  • Decentralization:- The team believes that the goals of creating blockchains were to reduce centralized power and promote social equality. They believe Quai Network will provide one of the most competitive conditions for the future of human commerce since this concept underpins all they do.
  • Security:- When using digital currencies, security is a top priority. When it comes to the network’s security and integrity, Quai Network takes no shortcuts.


Owen Robertson, a 21-year-old Quai Network marketing associate was asked to present a crypto class to residents of an assisted living community. Residents largely remained silent throughout the talk as they heard about a field that even specialists have problems keeping up with, but in the end, he was surprised by how quickly some audience members grasped the intricate concepts.

According to Robertson, he has already been asked to teach two more classes, delving into more specialized subjects like the history of Bitcoin (BTC), NFTs, and the Metaverse: The residents seemed to be very interested and are looking forward to participating in the next two classes taking place this summer”.


Quai Network showcased some of the amazing ambassadors’ work. There was Veronika who created and beefed up Quai Network’s page, with an epic PoW2 vs. PoS meme, Anastalita Bitoc with an awesome Twitter thread (cool graphics too), Kiri hosted a fantastic AMA for the Russian community, and Quai Network now has many language mirrors for their Twitter and Medium. They also hinted that the team should keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming Quai Dashboard and Iron Age Testnet sunglasses.


The Iron Age Testnet and the Dashboard have both made significant advancements in their respective stages of development. In the following days, Ambassadors and Moderators will test the Alpha release of the Dashboard, which is now undergoing internal testing. As a final step in assuring that Quai Network is prepared for another open Testnet, there are also Devnets functioning in preparation for the Iron Age.


The Quai Network is an open-source Proof-of-Work blockchain network that boosts throughput and security by using merged mining. Users of the Quai Network will benefit from quick transaction speeds without sacrificing security and decentralization. In the network’s numerous blockchains, there will be chances for miners to engage in competitive mining.

The Quai Network, a Proof-of-Work scalability solution that can handle thousands of transactions per second, will soon be available for Mainnet release.

Join the Quai Network Discord if you want to participate in community prizes, engage in Quai Network Testnets, and remain informed about development changes.

In addition, you can start earning Mainnet Quai coins now! For more information on how you may benefit from your contributions to the Quai Network ecosystem, take a look at the Mainnet Rewards Program and Social Media Rewards Program.

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