Alphr Finance On The True Path

GodRACE Writes
3 min readAug 18, 2021

At a time when crypto trading is everything, many are still afraid to dive into the trading waters and for good reasons.

Crypto currency is highly volatile and trading it is a sure fire way to lose all your money if you have no idea what you are doing.

However, Alphr has made it possible to safely invest and trade your money without the fear of incurring unnecessary loss.

They do this by providing a platform where users can copy the trades of another user. In simpler terms, you can copy any crypto wallet/trader automatically. Buy when they buy, and sell when they sell.

Apparently you can still lose when they lose, but imagine copying the trades of someone that sees a 90% profit rate with their trades.

Since launch Alphr has gone on to achieve some great things and these things would be the focus of our article.

20 Ambassadors Onboarded.

They have successfully onboarded 20 ambassadors, tasked with ensuring Alphr is widely promoted and accepted. These ambassadors were carefully selected by ensuring that the talent and abilities of the ambassadors aligns with the vision and mission of Alphr.


DAO simply stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This is a way for Alphr to show they are user inclusive by running a form of decentralized democratical organization system.

A DAO is strongly believed to be the future of large enterprises and since Alphr is a company focused on the future, it just makes sense for them to go this route.

One of the perks of Alphr as a DAO organisation is allowing users to make a proposal on features, structures or functions they want done on the Alphr platform and also giving them the opportunity to vote on the proposals they want to see worked on first.

Recently, Alphr passed and implemented a proposal to increase Alphr labs burn rate to 100k per month. This just goes to prove they take their DAO structure very seriously.

As part of their DAO system and slightly different from the voting system, is a recently launched “Build with us” feature.

The goal of the build-with-us feature is to lead the current rapid change and growth of decentralized finance(DeFi). The current development in DeFi is basically just a foundation for future development in this new financial system, however Alphr believes that only platforms and protocols capable of onboarding new users to DeFI instead of strictly sticking to users already familiar with the protocols would have an edge.

Hence, the build with us capability. The goal is to create a DeFi for everyone, by removing the barrier of entry, providing industry leading onboarding and customer support, and building a familiar user experience.

Also part of their recent achievement is adding a token page where each token will have its own page and you can see all the information necessary for a successful trade.

While Alphr has had some great things there is still some long way to go. A few of their future plans are, creating an automated mirror trading upto 3 sprints, sushiswap integration for manual mirror trading, and BSC+pancake swap integration.

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