A Deep Dive Into Wellbe Project

Since the inception of Cryptocurrency, there has been room for more technological growth in the blockchain space. We now have NFTs, Shitchoins that are worth more than people say they are, crypto voting and even a whole country built on cryptocurrency. Hence it should come as no surprise if we have a cryptocurrency for the fitness industry, which is what Wellbe is. It promises to build an entire blockchain ecosystem serving in its entirety, fitness experts, suppliers, clubs, practitioners, peripheral products, etc.

But Wellbe is more than just a cryptocurrency in that its mission other than being widely adopted in the fitness industry is also to reduce or totally remove mining and burn fees prevalent in most cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin.

And in order to achieve massive adoption of its cryptocurrency, a foundation was set up. This foundation named TRESOR would be responsible for the growth and stability of WELB. In addition to this, Wellbe development foundation was built to have a strong cash flow and development system and also having an initial coin offering with Pre-mined tokens.

One thing that stands Wellbe apart from other cryptocurrency is that its treasury is characteristic of its currency. In other words, the treasury of Wellbe is decentralized and represents the reserve in FIAT, with this in place, Wellbe is guaranteed at least a 15% annual growth.

In addition, its treasury would be used to help organizations in the sport and fitness industries build highly scalable cutting edge technology and/or performance improvement products.

Wellbe is unlike any cryptocurrency, as their goal is to ensure a stable coin with consistent growth and devoid of the excess volatility prevalent in the crypto space.

Wellbe coin is also built around four core principles

  1. Trust
  2. Vigilance
  3. Utility
  4. Availability

Trust is achieved by building a robust treasury system that is decentralized yet self-financed with chain governance.

Vigilance would come from building a strong support system responsible for security and user queries.

Utility is geared towards ensuring users find the wellbe cryptocurrency easy to use, onboard new users seamlessly and also build a well engaged community.

Availability means that users, investors and stakeholders find acquiring the wellbe coin easy. This would be achieved through a campaign called Earndrop plus other marketing campaigns that would be announced, while also building a stable technological mechanism with it’s masternodes network, staking system and bounties.

The Total amount of Wellbe coins that would be in supply is 250,000,000. But as at 21st July, and each month following that, 1 232 880 WELB was made available. And all tokens would be distributed amongst the WELB treasury, the WELB Bone, developers, marketing and security known as The actors and then the Masternodes.

Everything WELLBE comes down to its economy. An economy structured in a way to ensure its mission and vision for the fitness industry is met and achieved. The economy is divided into 4, we have

WELB as a reward system: with its combination of a stake and masternode structure, rewards for welb owners is guaranteed

WELB as a means of exchange: with its issue rate and monthly supply cap, WELB ensures it stays stable for a long period of time and is more likely to be used as a means of exchange.

WELB with Controls: Treasury and other important decision is voted on by members of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

WELB for the future: With a user friendly wallet for real exchange, a potential to replace FIAT, and an ecosystem that supports organizations, vendors, etc ensure WELB is here for the future.

Learn more about WellBe by visiting the links below:

Website Medium Twitter Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

Proof of Authentication: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5369982.new#new




Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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GodRACE Writes

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

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